Condition Guidelines


Books We Accept *

New Books

Used Books
(Like New, Very Good, Good, and Acceptable conditions)

Books with no water damage
(books with little water damage may be accepted in some circumstances*)

Slightly highlighted items

Books with little or no notes/markings

Workbooks or study guides with little or no answers filled in


* In some circumstances, we might adjust your original offer price depending on the condition of the book you send in.
Additionally, we will adjust the offer price if your book falls within one of the unaccepted categories above or below.
If you are unhappy with the adjusted offer price, we will return the book to you for free.

Books We Don’t Accept *

Water Damaged

Stained, water damage, moisture or moldy books will not be accepted

Custom Edition

School-specific textbook made for particular course and university

Ripped, Broken, or Missing

We do not accept pages or spines / binding which are ripped, detached, broken, or tapped.

International Editions

Books (usually textbooks) that have been published for distribution outside the U.S.

Writings / Markings

Books with excessive writings, markings, or highlighting on multiple pages

Strong Odor

Books with a strong odor from cigarette or cigar smoke are not accepted

Teacher / Professional Editions

Almost identical to regular textbooks but with notes and answers to problems

Counterfeit Books

Counterfeit books are produced illegally and we DO NOT buy them

Burnt / Smoke Damage

Books with pages or covers that are burnt or have smoke damage are not accepted

Still Confused?

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Shooq reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine what books it accepts for sellback (or ‘buyback’).