Selling Books

Has Never Been This Easy!

Selling Books

Has Never Been This Easy!

Instant Offers

Get an instant offer from Arti on Facebook Messenger. You can send your book’s ISBN, barcode, or book title.

Free Book Pickup

A courier will pick up any books which you sell. You’ll be able to input your address and preferred pickup date/time.

Book Pickup is only available in select cities. If you are out of the pickup radius, we will give you a free shipping label.

Super Fast Payouts

Unlike other services, Shooq will pay you immediately (or within 2 hours) after your books are picked up by a courier.

Get the most money for your books!

Selling a book is easy.

Search for books by book title, ISBN number, or by sending a picture of the barcode.

Get paid for your books through Venmo or PayPal.

After a courier picks up your books, you will be paid on the spot through Venmo or PayPal.


Enter your phone number to start selling...

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